NinJo Workstation Software Highlights

NinJo Workstation Infographic
The NinJo Workstation System showing different types of meteorological data

The NinJo Workstation Software is an ultramodern meteorological workstation system with

  • multi-window technology,
  • layer-based visualisation of different data types,
  • easily integrated geographic map displays,
  • diagrams, such as meteograms, cross-sections and tephigrams,
  • monitoring of incoming data,
  • animation and graphical export capabilities,
  • interactive and automatic product generation,
  • a graphical editor to produce your own synoptic charts,
  • NƒL,  the NinJo Formula Language,
  • a flexible client/server architecture as well as
  • a high degree of configurability.

NinJo is immediately usable without altering code.

Are you interested in more? Please read the Overview for a brief introduction.

NinJo is the outcome of a successful international collaboration by various meteorological services with support from experienced IT companies.

Information about pricing and licensing can be requested using the Contact form.


  1. EMS Technology Award 2018 for NinJo.
  2. NinJo 3.2 has been released in November 2018, three months after release of NinJo 3.1.
  3. In August 2018, the 11th NinJo User Group (NUG) took place. The meeting was held in Offenbach, Germany.
  4. NinJo 2.3 has been released in April 2018
  5. In May 2017, the European Working Group on Operational Workstations (EGOWS) held its meeting in Bratislava. The NinJo contribution had the topic "NinJo Archive Access".